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7 Money Saving Tax Tips for Landlords

When you rent out a property, it's difficult to know where your money is going all of the time and you're forever keeping your eyes and ears open for money saving tips for landlords. Renting out property means you're liable to pay tax outside of any income allowances and the tax rules for renting property are quite complicated, made even more so by frequent tax changes and it isn't expected to get any easier for landlords to navigate the HMRC rules. It's often said that the taxman is lining up their sites with the private rented sector and in Leicester, landlords [...]

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Your EPC And What It Means

You've probably seen energy ratings regularly, often attached to electrical appliances like your fridge, washing machine or television. Did you know that your home has one too? You'd be forgiven if you were unaware though it is becoming quite common knowledge now, especially with the latest change to the private rented sector where homes must meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of E or above before they're marketed to let. Whilst you may be aware of Energy Efficiency Ratings, you may not be quite fully informed as to what all the ratings actually mean. Because energy efficiency is important and [...]

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Top 10 Affordable DIY Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Are you about to put your house on the market? If so, you’ll want to get the best possible price for it. Here are a few simple changes you can make to improve the property and bump up its value. 10 Affordable DIY Projects Create understairs storage. The understairs area is so often under-utilised. If you’ve got some basic DIY skills, turn it into a cupboard, or even hang a curtain across it to create a storage area. Other creative uses include: shelving for books, an understairs toilet room, or even a ‘wine cellar’.   Fixing leaks. Leaky pipes are bad news [...]

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Landlord’s Guide to Rent Arrears and Eviction

It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine the consequences of non-payment of rent; not only does it impede your ability to pay your mortgage or other costs associated with being a landlord and when left to spiral out of control, it can have devastating effects on your investment, including repossession if there are debts associated with the property purchase and it may likely even result in homelessness; It could also have an adverse effect on your overall opinion of being a landlord. Therefore, it is imperative to deal swiftly with rent arrears and solve any problems preferably before they arise. In this guide, you’ll learn good [...]

How to Choose a Letting Agent

Renting your property for the first time? We've all been there. It's quite overwhelming with the amount of paperwork and other administrative tasks involved, the legal compliance and the penalties for non-compliance which you've probably heard about in the news, landlords being fined thousands for failing to comply with improvement orders, managing unlicensed HMOs, not protecting the deposit, etc. Fortunately, a good letting agent can mean your headaches are kept at bay; making the lettings process hassle-free and managing your property, keeping your tenants happy and encouraging long-term tenants are just some of the things you should demand from any [...]

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The Financial Sensibility of Living in Leicester

People living in Leicester already know the city is a fantastic place to live, full of history and culture and extremely diverse. The people here aren't too shabby either. But, what's the economic sense of moving to Leicester? Would your bank manager support your decision to make the move? Recent data suggest the answer is a resounding "yes". New data from Numbeo says you'll only need just £2'700 to enjoy good living standards in Leicester, whilst in London, you'd need around £4'100. The data also shows there's a major disparity between Consumer Goods prices, including rent. In Leicester, the overall [...]

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Landlord Law: List of Laws Landlords Need To Abide By

Being a landlord is brilliant, owning high yielding properties, the day to day management of your properties, liaising with tenants, dealing with their issues, often having to take on responsibilities of housing providers and social workers as you help your tenants to budget their money to ensure next month's rent comes rolling in... But it's not all fun and roses. Have you considered all the laws you have to be aware of? Last year, we released an article detailing more than 125 laws you need to be aware of as a landlord if you're letting property in the United Kingdom and property [...]

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