Company Rent Scheme – Guaranteed Rent

They told us it’s too good to be true and we hear it all the time and we understand why it’s hard to believe that landlords with properties in Leicester who take part in the Company Rent Scheme that we can source reliable tenants who won’t only take the property for 5+ years, renovate the property to a high standard, take care of all internal repairs and, at the end of the term, either extend or return the property in a better condition than when you let it but also offer an assured rent guarantee with it!

We offer freedom to landlords from the hassles of being a residential landlord. You can say goodbye to the following and more:

  • Finding tenants every few years
  • Taking care of minor repairs
  • Renovations and refurbishments
  • Damage caused by occupants
  • Deposit legislation
  • The risk of Section 21 being abolished!

Everything is taken care of for you, whether you have a single, self-contained unit or a ready-to-go HMO. We have a strategy that is right for you.

How does the Company Rent Scheme work?

The Company Rent Scheme is really easy to understand. We take over the management of your property as we would if you were letting to residential tenants and instead of renting to residential tenants, we select companies and individuals from our framework of trusted property professionals who offer the most suitable strategy for your property.

Our framework consists of:

  • employers looking to house staff on a temporary basis,
  • multi-let professionals specialising in HMO management
  • Serviced accommodation specialists
  • Rent to rent operators
  • Local authorities for the provision of temporary accommodation
  • Organisations and charities within the social care sector providing homes to disabled and elderly people.

This means we can cherry-pick the right tenant for you the first time!

How does Harry Albert Property safeguard landlords?

There are dangers in every aspect of life and when we let our properties, we’re well aware of the risks corporate tenants can pose. Because of this, and by the nature of how we do business with you meaning we have a vested interest in making sure you’re rent is paid (you can find out more about our Landlord Guarantee on our homepage) so we’ve taken some measures to ensure both of us are cushioned against the pitfalls of company lets.

Some of the dangers of corporate lets are that the company themselves can go out of business leaving us with a black hole for potentially years if we don’t act fast to fix the problem. When these cases occur, we consult with our legal team on your behalf to ensure we’re taking the appropriate action to regain possession in a short length of time before going back to our framework of trusted companies to quickly replace the tenant. We must also consider any other appropriate action which could include raising an insurance claim (on either their insurance or your own which we can arrange for you at discounted rates).

If for any reason we can’t replace the tenant, we would have to consider alternative arrangements, including finding residential tenants or even overtaking control (and therefore responsibility and liability going forward from this point) where appropriate, absorbing any losses (or gains) this may involve. Our role is to protect your investment even if this means sacrificing our own bottom-line.

Why would landlords use the Company Rent Scheme?

The most common reasons landlords come to us to use our Company Rent Scheme are:

  • their property is empty for longer than they’d prefer
  • they want to reduce the impact void periods have on their rental yields and overall profit each year
  • their properties are tired and in need of some TLC, and;
  • they don’t have enough time to manage minor maintenance and administration tasks (including referencing, tenancy agreements, gas safety records, deposit registration, utility management, etc).

How do I instruct Harry Albert Property on the Company Rent Scheme?

Instructing us has never been easier! Just fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch to on-board you to the scheme. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be equipped to answer any questions about your property investment, the tenants, occupants or any other aspect of management. Your property could be handed over in days allowing you to sit back and relax and watch the rent roll in! Or, if you’d rather not wait, just give us a call on 0116 321 4970!

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