Property Inventory Services

We have established ourselves as a market leader in providing property services in Leicester. Our property inventory service allows us to carry out an independent inventory and schedule of condition for properties in Leicester and surrounding services.

If you’re looking for a property inventory, mid-term inspection or check-out inspection, why not consider Harry Albert Inventories? Focusing on the residential lettings sector, we are committed to providing an unrivalled inventory and inspection service to landlords with properties in Leicester, other letting agents and tenants who wish to have a second opinion on the condition of their home.

We use the latest technologies to provide a fast, reliable and accurate property inventory service in Leicester which comes complete with a schedule of condition, presented in an easy-to-read PDF report. We provide inventory services to landlords and letting agents throughout Leicester, as well as tenants who disagree with the inventory supplied by their current landlord/agent at the start of the tenancy or at the end.

In most cases, our inventories are completed and sent by e-mail to our client within hours of our visiting the property, however, this is an independent which means, if we’re managing your property and you instruct us to provide inventory services, we will have to outsource this to an accredited inventory clerk in Leicester to minimise any conflicts of interests. We can, of course, provide the inventory services to you if you’re already one of our customers and we can offer a discount based on your understanding that the inventory won’t be provided by an independent inventory clerk – this is ideal for mid-term inspection reports (mid-term inspections are provided for free under our management service but do not include a photographic report) or check-out inspections.

Properly prepared inventories carried out at check-in and check-out protects both the landlord and their tenant as it ensures that any disputes at the end of the tenancy can be resolved fairly and impartially with minimum inconvenience to either party.

Interim (mid-term) property inspections are also an ideal way to check the condition of a property whilst the tenant resides there, enabling you or your agent to hold the tenant to account for any damage or unreported repairs. An inventory and schedule of condition prior to the tenant moving in and a mid-term inspection report will be vital if you want to evict your tenant using the Section 8 eviction procedure for damages to the property. It will also allow you to better assess repairs and maintenance if you’re not local to the property.

Our appointments are flexible and designed to suit you. Our appointments are kept short to enable us to crack on with our property walkthrough, allowing us to get back to the office to start working on compiling the report. We can accommodate you during evenings and weekends (including Sundays) and bank holidays! An appointment at an unfurnished 2 bedroom property will typically take around 40-60 minutes to complete.

When we arrive at the property, we will take all meter readings (including water) and take photographs as evidence to ensure you’re paying the right amount of money for the utilities used during any void periods and to ensure tenants aren’t paying the previous tenants’ bill. We can also inform the utility companies of outgoing tenants and any tenants moving in to make the process even more seamless for you and your tenants (we will need permission from all parties).

Why are inventories and inspection reports so important?

It is a legal requirement for all landlords to secure deposits paid to them in an approved deposit protection scheme, in either a custodial scheme or an insured scheme. If something goes wrong and the tenant causes damage (accidentally or maliciously), an inventory will be the first thing adjudicators look at in a deposit dispute to assess the condition of the property and any furnishings before and after the tenant moved in/vacated. If a landlord wants to retain any of the deposit for cleaning, redecorating, repairing or replacing furnishings, furniture, fixtures or fittings, you’ll be required to submit evidence to support your claim or to defend your claim as a tenant. An inventory is perfect for this.

Can I make my own property inventory?

Yes. As a tenant or landlord, you can create your own inventory reports and we always advise you do, especially if you’re a tenant and your landlord has had an inventory carried out that you disagree with. One of the issues landlords and tenants face is the lack of detail contained in inventories. Oftentimes, home-made inventories will include a photograph of the room and a small paragraph about the condition and it isn’t uncommon for these paragraphs to be single word answers reflecting the “good” condition of the room. The term “good” is very subjective and as such, it’s important you use object, clear and concise language when describing the condition of the property and its contents.

Most in-house inventories cover the property structure, the walls, the carpets, the windows and the larger furnishings in the property but typically lack attention to smaller items, such as supplied cutlery, bedding and soap dispensers, etc.

One dispute we were dealing with after a landlord carried out their own inventory prior to instructing Harry Albert Lettings & Estates to manage the property was left significantly out of pocket when their tenants removed all of the lampshades and light switches from the property. The landlord neglected to include these items in their inventory and the dispute resolution service refused to award any amount to the landlord as there was no evidence that these items were present at the time the tenant moved in, regardless of the photographs of the square holes where the light switches should be which highlights the importance of a comprehensive inventory.

A comprehensive Inventory will be clear, concise and comprehensive and provide details on the following:

  • Details of the condition of the property internally and externally, including gardens, garages, outbuilding and their contents (provided they’re accessible).
  • Details of any security devices or keys that will be available to the tenant, including window keys, meter keys.
  • Details of safety equipment, including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets, carbon monoxide detectors and burglar alarms.
  • Details of instruction manuals and house guides left at the property.
  • Meter readings for electricity, gas (where applicable), water and oil (where applicable) and the locations of the meters and any serial numbers on the meters.
  • Details of the location of water stopcocks, the electricity consumer unit and external cut off switches.

All inventory reports include clear, full HD, colour photographs and provide a clear picture of the property and its contents condition which, when used in conjunction with the written schedule of condition, provides indisputable evidence as to the condition of the property.

If you’re looking for an inventory clerk in Leicester, why not try Harry Albert Inventories? You can call Harry Albert Lettings & Estates on 0116 321 4970 or email [email protected] to find out more and to receive a quote today!