We love great photos, especially of our glorious city of Leicester and we love taking ’em but this time, we want to see what you can do with a camera (or smartphone) in this Leicester photo competition! The days are long, hot and sunny and there are perfect conditions to snap the perfect shot! There is no limit to what you can send in. The only requirements are:

  • Your entries MUST be taken within the Leicester boundary (this excludes Leicestershire on this occasion).
  • They MUST have been taken within the last two years.
  • Your images MUST capture the landmarks or culture of Leicester.

Open to amateur and professional photographers, this months photography competition looks to capture the Culture of Leicester, from our residents to our architecture, to our history and landscape. Be in with a chance to win a Hotel Chocolat Prosecco Hamper: The Chocolate & Fizz Collection (RRP: £27.50).

DEADLINE: All entries must be made before midnight of 1st November 2019

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Leicester Photo Competition
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These terms govern your entry into our competition. This photography competition is designed to capture the culture and landscape of Leicester City, our residents, our landmarks, our features and our hidden gems.

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By entering this competition, you understand that your entry will be invalid should any required information not be provided, the required information includes everything listed in the entry form, including a brief description of the images, the dates the images were taken and the address or location of where the image was taken.

Where an entry is deemed invalid, we reserve the right to use any images submitted.

Your entry must contain no watermarks.

You agree that there will be no requirement to provide attribution for any images used.

You must enter the competition within the dates shown on the main competition page. Entries outside of the deadline will be invalid but these terms will still be enforceable.

We will inform you if you have won the competition by email or phone. We will make two attempts to contact you within 28 days of the deadline of the competition, where we fail to make contact with you on both occasions, you agree to forfeit the prize. 

If you haven't heard from us within 28 days of the deadline of the competition, this means you have not won the competition and there is no need to contact us.

There is no cash alternative to the prizes offered, however, we may be able to accommodate dietary or religious requirements 

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