Tenant Tracing Service – Find Your Tenant’s New Address

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Has your tenant absconded owing you rent arrears or money for damages to your property? Are you considering taking legal action but don’t know their new address? Leave it to us, our expert tenant tracing agents can find your tenants in as little as ten days!


When your tenant goes missing owing you rent arrears or a bill for damages that the deposit simply didn’t cover, it’s time to use a reliable tenant tracing service to locate their address so you can take any relevant action, including legal action against your tenant for the money you’re owed.


Why Use Our Tracing Service?

  • We trace your ex-tenant (or anyone who owes you money) to their new address!
  • We have access to accurate credit information, including any aliases they may be using!
  • Recognised throughout Leicester for our fast turnaround times!


Finding a Tenant is Quick and Easy!


Make your purchase, fill in the form and get the ball rolling! We can find your tenant in as little as 10 days!

All of our searches are made discreetly, in strict compliance with GDPR and data protection laws; your tenant doesn’t have to provide permission for us to pass on their details to you if you have a legitimate interest in obtaining those details (eg. you’re considering taking legal action against them for rent arrears or damages to your property).

Professional, discreet and compliant tenant tracing service

Our tracing agents are fully trained, reliable and highly experienced using a range of methods to ensure no stone is left unturned in their effort to locate absconded tenants.

To start tracing your debtors, make your purchase and complete the form. We will then start searching for your tenants until we have found them.


Please note: This is a tracing service only. We do not collect debts or enforce court orders, nor can we take any responsibility for any outcomes of any legal proceedings or debt recovery actions you take. By making a purchase, you’re confirming you have a legitimate legal interest to obtain the person’s details. This is a non-refundable service and payment is required regardless of whether the trace is successful or not; where a trace is not successful, we will continue to trace the debtor until we are successful.


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