FREE Landlord Guide: Understanding the True Cost of Being a Landlord

Understanding the cost of being a landlord is key to maximising your return on property investment and retaining more profits! In Leicester, the costs of being a landlord are easily managed with all things considered and this guide is FREE for landlords with rented properties in Leicester. You might be asking: What expenses can I deduct from tax? What's my personal allowance this year? What's happening to mortgage interest rate relief? What are the changes to stamp duty land tax? What happens if I don't pay my buy to let mortgage? What costs are involved if my tenant moves out? [...]

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FREE Leicester Minimum Energy Efficiency Factsheet

Energy efficiency has become a buzzword in the private rented sector today since the minimum energy efficiency standards came into force last year. If you own a property to rent in Leicester, you will have obligations to meet minimum energy efficiency standards, also known as MEES, or apply for an exemption that could last up to five years. Properties rated E or below on the energy performance certificate (EPC) will no longer be compliant from Spring 2019. Download your free Leicester MEES Fact sheet by completing the form below. Your factsheet will be emailed to you so you can download [...]

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FREE Leicester HMO Factsheet

HMOs are still a buzzword in the private rented sector today and are very lucrative meaning they occupy a part of the market that's increasingly attractive to landlords with figures suggesting the average rental yield for a HMO is 9.7%, much higher than the 5.6% average yield in the single unit market. Operating an HMO can provide excellent rewards but carries with it a lot of risks if things don't go right, including penalties of up to £20'000 for not having the correct license or custodial prison terms for failing to undertake your obligations under Health & Safety. If you [...]

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