Moving to Leicester

Leicester is a vibrant and multicultural city in the East Midlands. It’s the largest economy in the East Midlands and our population has boomed in recent years. Leicester is considered one of the top places to live and work in the UK and property to rent and buy is always in high demand. Leicester has a wide range of bars, restaurants, shops, markets and entertainment, it's also one of the most multiculturally diverse cities in Europe with religious and spiritual festivals celebrated year round. Leicester has some of the best-connected train, road and public transport links connecting you to London, Birmingham, Cambridge [...]

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The Financial Sensibility of Living in Leicester

People living in Leicester already know the city is a fantastic place to live, full of history and culture and extremely diverse. The people here aren't too shabby either. But, what's the economic sense of moving to Leicester? Would your bank manager support your decision to make the move? Recent data suggest the answer is a resounding "yes". New data from Numbeo says you'll only need just £2'700 to enjoy good living standards in Leicester, whilst in London, you'd need around £4'100. The data also shows there's a major disparity between Consumer Goods prices, including rent. In Leicester, the overall [...]

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