Why Tenants Choose Harry Albert Lettings & Estates

We respect tenants and understand happy tenants leads to long-term tenants, which means our clients can enjoy a long-term return on investment and you can enjoy a high-quality property you can call home. We take the effort and stress out of renting with clear communication and effective management of our properties.

High-Quality Homes

We have a philosophy that homes to rent in Leicester should be suitable for our mother to move in to. This means we don’t let our private landlords rent out properties that aren’t up to standard. We never let homes that are unsafe or in a poor condition overall, so when you rent with Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, you’ll really be right at home!

Fair Treatment

We believe in long-term tenancies and the only way we can convince you to renew your tenancy agreement with us to to treat you fairly, with respect and dignity. We take pride in our 100% tenant satisfaction rate and none of our tenants have so far chosen to end their tenancy agreements early. We use Marks Out of Tenancy to publish tenant reviews, they are truly impartial and allow you to review the homes you’ve lived in, the landlords you’ve had to deal with and, most importantly, inform other tenants of what to expect when dealing with your landlord. We encourage all reviews, whether good or bad because we can only learn and grow from honest reviews. As an esteemed tenant client, you will feel truly respected when you rent from us.

Easy Application Process

We are well known for our easy application process; a simple form is completed and a refundable* holding deposit equivalent to one week’s rent is collected to enable us to process your application and, whilst we carry out a thorough investigation for every application we receive, we judge every potential tenant on their own merit. We do not judge tenants negatively if they are less than perfect, though an important consideration to bear in mind when renting with us is how your Risk Score can influence the rent you pay. The higher your risk, the more rent you will pay.

*Holding deposits will be forfeited if the application is cancelled or an applicant lies or attempts to mislead us on the tenancy application or fails to complete the referencing process in the allotted time afforded by the Tenant Fees Act 2019.

Deposit Free Renting as Standard

We don’t think it’s fair for you to pay a five-week deposit when you move into a new home; this money is tied up, sometimes indefinitely if your landlord or yourself disagree, if one party claims to be commencing legal action against the other or someone simply doesn’t respond to a claim or request for their deposit back. So, we’re introducing Deposit Free Renting as standard, in partnership with FlatFair.

Instead of tying up hundreds or thousands of pounds on a security deposit, you can pay a one-off fee for a FlatBond. You should visit FlatFair’s website to calculate your membership cost but for the average property with a rent of £850 per calendar month, you could expect to pay around £235, a saving of £773.06!

*A traditional security deposit of five weeks can be taken if you’d rather and is the default option, there is no charge associated with this and all security deposits are protected in the government-approved custodial protection scheme with the DPS.

Tenant Rewards with FlatFair

Flatfair testimonialGreat tenants deserve greater rewards and your flatfair score will help you stand out on any future rental applications and unlock special discounts and exclusive promotions with our partners. But this is only available if you choose a FlatBond instead of a traditional security deposit!

flatfair makes renting faster, more transparent and more affordable for great tenants. You’re still accountable for damages and unpaid rent at the end of your tenancy, but with flatfair you can simply register your debit card and pay when you leave.

What if I’ve already moved in?

Good news — you can still join flatfair at any time and get your original tenancy deposit back. Just let us know!

Are tenants required to use a no deposit scheme?

No. Tenants are not required to purchase a Flatbond instead of paying a traditional, 5 week tenancy that’s protected in a government approved custodial scheme. Refusing to take part in the scheme will have no impact on whether you’re accepted as a tenant for the property you apply for.

For the avoidance of doubt, tenants are to pay a tenancy deposit equivalent to 5 weeks rent unless those entering into a tenancy agreement opt instead to pay a non-refundable fee for a Flatfair membership.

You will need to understand some important things to remember before signing your flatfair membership agreement.

You must understand that:

  • The flatfair membership is an optional alternative to paying a cash deposit and refusing or not requesting a flatfair membership will not impact your tenancy application.
  • flatfair is not an insurance product
  • You, the tenant, remain liable to pay for any sums owed to the landlord or their agent under the Tenancy Agreement
  • You must pay promptly for lawful charges made at the end of the tenancy
  • You may have to pay for lawful charges caused by other tenants
  • Your flatfair membership fee is non-refundable (it is not a deposit) and will not count towards covering the cost of any damages
  • All of your responsibilities and obligations as a flatfair member are outlined in the tenant membership agreement
  • Raising a dispute without good reason may cost you £100 + VAT

Deposit free renting schemes are subject to status and the decision lies with Flatfair as to whether you will be eligible for a Flatbond. By opting for a Flatbond, you will agree for your personal details to be shared with Flatfair for the administration of the Flatbond.

For full information about the Flatfair membership, please visit https://support.flatfair.co.uk/en/articles/1498141-tenants-guide-to-flatfair