Are you about to put your house on the market? If so, you’ll want to get the best possible price for it. Here are a few simple changes you can make to improve the property and bump up its value.

10 Affordable DIY Projects

  • Create understairs storage. The understairs area is so often under-utilised. If you’ve got some basic DIY skills, turn it into a cupboard, or even hang a curtain across it to create a storage area. Other creative uses include: shelving for books, an understairs toilet room, or even a ‘wine cellar’.


  • Fixing leaks. Leaky pipes are bad news for houses. They’re not only irritating; they can also damage floorboards and cause damp to occur. It’s not too tricky to fix a leaking pipe and it’s well worth the effort.


  • Paint the kitchen units. Can’t afford to replace the kitchen? Get some paint and transform the doors of the units instead. You’ll need to sand them down first though, to ensure the paint doesn’t flake off.


  • Create a ‘spa’ bathroom. This is incredibly easy to achieve. A slab of reclaimed wood can be used to create a ‘bath table’, a small shelf on the wall can hold a book and a candle, and a dimmer light-bulb makes a more relaxing atmosphere. (When showing the room to prospective buyers, spray some fragrance too, such as a luxurious oud wood perfume or similar – this enhances the ‘spa’ effect).


  • Make a chalkboard feature wall. Chalkboard walls instantly update a room; whether it’s the kitchen or the kid’s play-area. The paint isn’t expensive to buy, and it’s easy to apply too.


  • Build some shelving. If storage is at a premium, it makes sense to install some shelving. Think cleverly here, particularly if you haven’t got much space. For example, if you’ve got a chest of drawers in an alcove in the bedroom, install some shelves above it for your books. Above the bed is another good location, or even an uninterrupted line of shelving closer to the ceiling, which can be used to display ornaments or photographs.


  • Lay a garden path. A path adds interest in the garden and means less mud and grass trampled into the house. If you’re looking for the easy, cheap option, consider installing a wooden path (and even some decking at the end to create an eating area).


  • Make some under-bed storage on wheels. All too often, the area under the bed isn’t used; which is a shame, as it’s prime storage space. A simple truckle box, which can be rolled in and out on wheels, provides the perfect way to hide items that aren’t used regularly. This makes your house seem much tidier when people come to view it.


  • Remove the carpets. Polished floorboards are sought-after. Strip the old carpets out, then rent a sanding machine for a couple of days, to ensure the floorboards beneath are in great condition. Then apply some polish or paint to complete the look.


  • Paint the walls! This is perhaps the simplest, yet most effective DIY home improvement you can do. A new lick of paint immediately brightens the room, removing those unsightly fingerprint and scuff marks. Our advice? Steer clear of magnolia and go for something more contemporary.